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CHAPTER THE SIXTH ON HOLY COMMUNION DURING SEPTUAGESIMA We have already said, that the Christian, who, by the meditations suitable to the spirit of Septuagesima, has come to a clearer knowledge, not only of the sad consequences of original sin, but also of the malice of his own personal faults, – should be all the […]

St John Bosco 31- January

Collect Deus, qui sanctum Ioánnem Confessórem tuum adolescentium patrem et magístrum excitásti, ac per eum, auxiliatríce Vírgine María, novas in Ecclésia tua famílias floréscere voluísti: concéde, quǽsumus; ut eódem caritátis igne succénsi, ánimas quaerere, ubíque soli servíre valeámus. O God, Who in Your Confessor, blessed John, raised up a father and teacher of youth, and […]


CHAPTER THE SECOND THE MYSTERY OF SEPTUAGESIMA The Season, upon which we are now entering, is expressive of several profound mysteries. But these mysteries belong not only to the three weeks, which are preparatory to Lent; they continue throughout the whole period of time, which separates us from the great Feast of Easter. The number […]

St Francis de Sales – 29 January

Collect Deus, qui ad animárum salútem beátum Franciscum Confessórem tuum atque Pontificem ómnibus ómnia factum esse voluísti: concede propítius; ut caritátis tuæ dulcédine perfusi, eius dirigéntibus monitis ac suffragántibus meritis, æterna gaudia consequamur. O God, Who for the salvation of souls willed that blessed Francis, Your Confessor and Bishop, should become all things to all […]


CHAPTER THE FIRST THE HISTORY OF SEPTUAGESIMA The Season of Septuagesima comprises the three weeks immediately preceding Lent. It forms one of the principal divisions of the Liturgical Year, and is itself divided into three parts, each part corresponding to a week: the first is called Septuagesima; the second, Sexagesima; the third, Quinquagesima. All three […]


Collect Ecclésiam tuam, quǽsumus, Dómine, grátia coeléstis amplíficet: quam beáti Ioánnis Chrysóstomi Confessóris tui atque Pontíficis illustráre voluísti gloriósis méritis et doctrínis. May heavenly grace, we beseech You, O Lord, prosper Your Church, which You mercifully enlightened by the blessed virtues and teachings of glorious and blessed John Chrysostom, Your Confessor and Bishop. Secret Sancti […]

St Polycarp – 26 January

Introit Dan 3:84; 3:87 Sacerdótes Dei, benedícite Dóminum: sancti et húmiles corde, laudáte Deum. Dan 3:57 Benedícite, ómnia ópera Dómini, Dómino: laudáte et superexaltáte eum in saecula. O ye priests of the Lord, bless the Lord: O ye holy and humble of heart, praise God. Dan. 3:57 All ye works of the Lord, bless the […]