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Most following this site has probably heard of the Alfie Evans saga going on across the pond in England.  To the rational human nothing makes sense in this.  Why are they keeping the kid?  Do they want the kid to die?  How is it that the parents ‘have no rights’ and have been told if they attempt to leave they will be charged with assault?

LifeSiteNews’ Dorothy McLean reported that “A Polish doctor has stated that UK toddler Alfie Evans is not “dying” and is certainly not “brain-dead.”  The hospital and courts say he is ‘terminally ill” and it is in the ‘best interests’ to let him die. Dr. Izabela Pałgan says, “Doctors at the hospital in Liverpool asked the court to agree to the separation of the infant from life-support, on the grounds that it would be in the ‘best interests’ of the child. The infant is not a dying child. He is not brain-dead…. The child reacts to the voice of his father, he periodically opens his eyes, he tightens his mouth around his soother. The parents insist that he is making contact with them.”  (you can read the entire story here)

On the other hand we have Rachel Clarke who is a palliative care doctor who wrote a piece entitled “As an NHS palliative care doctor, I say: let Alfie Evans die with dignity” and buys into the idea:

“A progressive neurodegenerative disorder has so corroded his brain that, in the words of high court judge, Mr Justice Hayden, a recent MRI scan shows “a brain that had been almost entirely wiped out”, leaving Alfie in a semi-vegetative state.”

She pats socialize medicine on the back final comments along with hoping he dies:

In fact – to my enormous pride – the NHS has kept Alfie alive for nearly two years, at no cost to his family, and without any judgments concerning the value of his life. But intensive care is only ever a temporary support for failing organs while a reversible pathology is treated. In Alfie’s case, multiple doctors from multiple countries have all agreed that his illness is irreversible, progressive and terminal. Withdrawal of care is therefore neither killing nor murder, but enables him to die with comfort and dignity.

To witness powerful media, political and religious voices deploying grossly inflammatory and misleading rhetoric at the expense of a child is grotesque. Misuse of words is the antithesis of everything we strive, as doctors, to do for our patients. Clear, empathic communication can heal, build trust, assuage fears, instil hope – and help a patient and their family come to terms with the unavoidable. Capitalising on a family’s grief is none of the above: it is simply – and inexcusably – exploitative. May Alfie Evans rest in peace.

So far I have only heard of the Mike Church Show make the following connection. (His Facebook page has live feeds)

From the UK Guardian: Alder Hey report on use of children’s organs (Alfie is being imprisoned at Alder Hey)

Why was an inquiry into the use of children’s organs launched?
Former health secretary Frank Dobson launched the inquiry in October 1999 following revelations that three children’s hospitals had been harvesting hearts, lungs, brains and other organs from dead babies without their parents’ informed consent. Parents were distraught to find that thousands of body parts had been removed and kept in hospital storage.

What has the inquiry examined?
The inquiry, led by chief medical officer Liam Donaldson, has looked at what information parents are given and what they understand by “consent” and recommended future practice across the NHS. The census coincided with the publication of the report on Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where 2,080 organs were removed from 800 children.

When did the scandal break?
The scandal first broke in 1999 when it emerged that the hearts and other organs of 170 children who died at Bristol Royal Infirmary had been kept without their consent. The scandal at Alder Hey emerged soon after. It became clear that organ harvesting at the hospital went back decades.

Who has been called to account?
The Alder Hey inquiry, chaired by Michael Redfern QC, points the finger at the “rogue” Dutch pathologist Dick van Velzen, who kept an 11-year-old’s head in a jar. During his time at the hospital he systematically ordered the “unethical and illegal stripping of every organ from every child who had had a post mortem”. Four NHS staff, including the current chief executive, have also been suspended. The Redfern report has been referred to Merseyside police and passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The General Medical Council has also begun an investigation of Prof van Velzen, and is holding an emergency meeting on Friday to consider limiting his registration.

There’s is more in the link from 2001 & another from 2005

Maybe this is a gigantic coincidence? This hospital does have a history immoral activities.

Here are a few sermons on the idea of organ transplants.  Fr speaks of others that were diagnosed with ‘brain death’ yet were able to eat, hug others, baby, stand up, etc.  In other words the hospitals are murdering people to gather organs.


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