1 minutes readKolbe Center for Creation Conference 2018: Evolution Refuted

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We had the honor of attending the Kolbe Center for Creation Conference in Conception Missouri and filming the lectures.  Thank you to all who helped to get me out there to bring you all the lectures.



  On the Uganda Missions & Martyrs (click the photo to order)


3 thoughts on “Kolbe Center for Creation Conference 2018: Evolution Refuted

  1. Thank you! May Our Lady protect this apostolate. The information you give is priceless and helpful for the salvation of souls. God Bless!

  2. This is truly a magnificent series of conferences. Please help to spread the work regarding this wonderful work. The truth is powerful. The truth is good. The truth is beautiful. And, of course, ultimately all truth emanates, from our Creator, God Almighty. May that He be glorified now and forever!

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