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Many ask me about the audio links so they can listen to sermons & lectures while working out or wherever without the video form. In every video there’s a dropdown box called ‘video description’ or ‘show notes’ section that I placed the audio links in.

Until I find an easier way here is a list of links I use that are in mp3 format for your listening education


https://sentrad.org (exorcist in Denver)


















that should be enough for you right now. I don’t use every link in the videos but I check out every link to listen to in the car, gym, etc










One thought on “MP3 Links

  1. If one plays these MP3 files on a smart phone or computer you can save A LOT of storage space by using the Opus audio format instead of MP3 as with the newest Opus (currently v1.3 which is nearing official release soon) you can encode as low as 13kbps and still retain a large portion of the audio quality of the much larger MP3 files. just use Foobar2000 on the PC (this is how I convert audio files in general (generally it’s best to convert from a lossless source to a lossy format instead of one lossy format to another lossy format. but since it’s just speech it’s not a big deal.)) or the mobile version of Foobar2000 for a Android smart phone etc as those will play Opus files.

    for example… Fr. Ripperger’s talks on that sentrad website the total file size of the four MP3’s on ‘Four Last Things’ for example is “116 MB (122,579,391 bytes)” (average bit rate is 96kbps between the four files) where as with Opus @ 13kbps that drops to only “15.4 MB (16,174,282 bytes)” for those same audio files as that’s nearly 2hrs51min of audio for only 16.1MB of storage space, which is about 7.6 times less storage space. that’s major storage space savings and the audio quality, while worse, is not much worse.

    NOTE: if one is using the current officially released version of Opus (i.e. v1.2.1) I would suggest going no lower than 14kbps. also, Opus is the most advanced lossy encoder there is as it’s clearly superior to MP3 for speech or music, especially at lower bit rates (say 128kbps and lower).

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