The Vortex–Here Come the Socialists

10 Socialist Policies Implemented In The United States

The TSA (and other experiments in evil)

California Bill Would Put Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number on Every Student’s School ID

Bishop Pagano: Opening the Archives will reveal the greatness of Pius XII

Hitler, the War, & the Pope

Kamala Harris is Wrong. Keep the World’s Oldest Profession Illegal

Oregon Bill Would Allow Starving Mentally Ill Patients to Death

Former transgender announces plan to surgically transition to “agender alien”

Trans Men Erase Women

Ohio city votes to give Lake Erie same legal rights as a person

Missouri Targets Abortion with Bill Stating ‘God Is the Author of Life’

Durbin and Duckworth Vote To Deny Medical Care To Infants Who Survive Abortions

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons “STRONGLY OPPOSES” Mandatory Vaccines

Alabama Court Recognizes Aborted Fetus as a Person With Rights in Landmark Pro-life Victory

Large 15″H Church of Satan Baphomet Sabbatic Goat Idol Satanic Occultic Statue

New Senate Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Nationwide and Erase Possession Charges

Chatty Gargoyle at Denver International Airport

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