Missouri poised to join Alabama, Georgia as state senate passes near-total ban

Women in Georgia Are Battling the New Restrictive Abortion Laws

Elizabeth Warren just announced her abortion platform. It’s aggressive

Tennessee Catholic bishops oppose ‘heartbeat’ abortion restriction, citing legal worries

Televangelist Pat Robertson Says Alabama’s “Extreme” Abortion Law “Goes Too Far”

How Trans Athletes Are Fighting Back After Being Banned by USA Powerlifting

2 thoughts on “Resistance Radio Episode 14: The Pro Life Bills Against Abortion (Georgia, Bama, Missouri… DIXIE)

  1. Isaac Aparicio says:

    To the religious “leaders” (sadly many are “Catholic”) who maintain that the laws go too far, I guess believe that under certain circumstances abortion is ok? Pathetic, weak and cowardly! This is why the culture has fallen so far, because these “men” have no spine and have lost supernatural faith.

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