1 minutes readThoughts on the Recent Poll on the Belief in the Real Presence

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Recent Poll on the Belief in the Real Presence

  1. Was the poll taken by good Catholics? Was it taken by nonbelievers with an agenda? I don’t trust polls. The devil can use them to distress and demoralize and the faithful. Thanks.

    1. As a life long Catholic who grew up Vatican II I can personally tell you I had no idea about the “Presence of Christ” during the transubstantiation. 56 years I wasn’t even a “Lukewarm” Catholic. To me and many of my family it was just a religious ritual. I know not only understand what the happens at the transubstantiation of the Eucharist, I understand the Priest is opening up a piece of heaven for us all to enjoy the true “Presence of Christ” and I now say the appropriate prayer when the Priest raised the host during the transubstantiation…”My Lord, My God”. Vatican II changes to the mass was destructive in my opinion.

      1. me: cradle Catholic pre VII with good nuns teaching Baltimore catechism. It’s like we were in two different religions!

  2. I have been going to standard Novus Ordo Masses my entire life. About 4-5 months ago I started listening to your stuff content on Youtube and finding other similar content online. I know truth when I hear it. Much of what you talk about with today’s liturgy and what is happening in mass has crossed my mind. All of this has trickled down to not having any reverence at all. Adults getting up in the middle of the consecration to use the bathroom? Can you wait 15 minutes or, here’s a thought, take care of your business before mass begins? It is all but impossible to prepare for mass because of everyone chit chating in the presence of our Lord. After mass, as you stated, is even worse. Forget about trying to pray much less meditating with our Lord IN US (if we haven’t chased him away). My dilemma is that I am not sure what my current options are. The closest Latin mass is hours each way. I have not even been to a latin mass. I never thought to think that anything was not right until recently. I was too lazy to leave and too lazy and ignorant to question it. Now what?

    1. Not a substitute for Sunday Mass, but livemass . net from Sarasota FL. 9 a.m daily and 10:30 Sunday.

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