1 - 2 minutes readSt. Bellarmine’s “Antichrist”: Series with Translator Ryan Grant

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From the Mediatrix Press website for the book:
In Antichrist, St. Robert Bellarmine turns his deep knowledge, scholarship and devotion to the Holy Church toward the task of refuting what was in that time the dogma of all Protestantism, namely, that the Pope is the Antichrist. Bellarmine, in argument after argument, shows both how Antichrist cannot be the Pope and who he really will be based first and foremost on the testimony of Holy Scripture, secondly on the Fathers of the Church, thirdly from the Theologians and reason.

Ryan Grant, of Mediatrix Press, has published the first English translation in over 400 years. A book that “In the history of the writings about the Antichrist, other than the Fathers, the text of St. Robert Bellarmine is of prime importance.” -Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD

Enjoy the series that the Veritas Radio Network produced

Get the book here

Enjoy the series!

Episode 1 – Antichrist Will be a Specific Man


Episode 2 – Antichrist Has Yet to Come


Episode 3 – Fall of the Roman Empire & the Rapture


Episode 4 – The Persecutation & End of the World


Episode 5 – the Name of Antichrist: 666


Episode 6 – The Seat of Antichrist



2 thoughts on “St. Bellarmine’s “Antichrist”: Series with Translator Ryan Grant

  1. Thank you for this post. Strangely in a beautiful way, tonight I was pondering who the person of the Anti Christ might be, is he present now in the world etc. My (limited) understanding remembers reading that he will be Jewish. Does anyone know if this is true? Thank you again for the Post. Ave x 3’s 4 U

    1. If you have heard the antichrist sermons on the channel Fr uses this book as the source of it. It is a tremendous book to have and answers every question you can think of on this topic. The first 2 videos in this link speaks of that too

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