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These are some of the shows from the series that aired on the Veritas Radio Network a few years ago on the great work On the Roman Pontiff by St Robert Cardinal Bellarmine.

Here is an brief account on the book from the Mediatrix Press website (where you can purchase the book)

For the first time, St. Robert Bellarmine’s treatise on the Papacy is available in English. In this phenomenal work, St. Robert Bellarmine lays down the foundation of the Papacy by demonstrating that:

  • Monarchy is the best of all governments;
  • That Christ established a Papal Monarchy (by an exegetical commentary of Matthew XVI and John XXI);
  • That Peter succeeded in this monarchy;
  • Proving this by early Popes, Councils, the Fathers and Law;
  • What would happen were the Pope a heretic?
  • That the Roman Pontiff is not Antichrist
  • That the Pope is infallible in definitions on faith and morals as well as authoritative in Ecclesiastical laws
  • That the Pope, while he is not the lord of the world, nevertheless has indirect temporal jurisdiction in civil affairs when it is for the sake of the faith.

Enjoy the series and please help Ryan in his work at translating these fine works at www.mediatrixpress.com


2 thoughts on “On the Roman Pontiff by St Robert Bellarmine ~ Ryan Grant

  1. error in the pictures in the clip “sanctity of mariage”. While talking about a high placed nobleman or king with the name Philip (if I understood well) who asked if a second mariage was allowed while retaining the first, a picture is shown of “Philips the third of Bourgondy who died in 1467 and who was catholic and lived before protestantism existed. He is wearing the chain of the Golden Fleece (a very important catholic order). He is also dressed in a 15th century style clothing that differs a lot from the style of the 16th century . Just as an info.

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