1 minutes readThere is A Price to Pay! Fr Mateo’s Reparation Challenge for October

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To get an image of Garcia Moreno’s image of the Sacred Heart that Fr Mateo used please visit this link here

To get a Holy Face image touched to the relic please go to Vicki’s Etsy shop here or to download a print here

For the prayers for night adoration at the home please visit here (website) or here (book)

For Holy Face prayers please visit here

Booklets and Oil here

2021 Video

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2022 Video

6 thoughts on “There is A Price to Pay! Fr Mateo’s Reparation Challenge for October

  1. Thank you for all that you do to help spread the spread the faith, Steve. Your youtube channel helped bring me back to the faith, and now I watch at least one video from your channel on a daily basis. Three Ave’s for you and all the holy priests who have shared their talks with you.

  2. God gave me another chance this April. I found great spiritual consolation and knowledge watching Sensus Fidelium, and pretty much nothing else. Thank you Steve and all of the wonderful Priests here who have helped me grow closer to God. Ad Jesum per Mariam ❤💙

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