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The Little Sachet or The Little Gospel

From the Manual of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face, by The Rev. Abbe Janvier

“This devotional object was composed by Sister St. Pierre after a special communication from our Lord. It consists of a leaflet on which is printed the gospel of the Circumcision, which is short, and in which is made mention of the Name of Jesus, given to the Saviour. On the same leaflet is engraved, at the top of it, the figure of the Divine Child and the initials of His adorable Name, and below the Gospel, some pious invocations calculated

to excite confidence in the Name of Jesus, together with the lines:

When Jesus was named,

Vanquished Satan was disarmed.

The leaflet is folded in two and enclosed in a little piece of stuff, on which is embroidered a Cross with the Sacred Heart, so that it resembles a medal suitable to be worn on the person.

There is no other blessing needed, in order to receive it, that that which is attached to the Holy Name of Jesus. In honour of the five letters of this divine Name, and by virtue of the five wounds, our Lord has promised to grant special graces to those who shall embrace this devotion with faith and piety.

  1. To preserve them from thunder
  2. From the cunning and the malice of the devil
  3. From sudden and unprovided death
  4. To enable them to walk readily along the path of virtue
  5. To grant them final perseverance

Our Lord is pleased to manifest the power of His holy Name by many other spiritual and temporal graces; conversions, cures, etc. The sachet is principally employed with success in the case of dying sinners.

This devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus is attached to the great work of the Reparation of blasphemies and to that of the Holy Face.”

The Little Sachet, (containing the Little Gospel and Golden Arrow prayer), is available by making a small donation that will be used to purchase additional supplies. For details and information, Please email [email protected].

23 thoughts on “The Little Sachet or The Little Gospel

    1. I am looking to promote the Little sachet of the Gospel of His Holy Name. Do you know where I can get some or many? Could I get the actual paper that is inserted into the Gospel sachet …some of these so people will understand. Any information on this will be most helpful.
      Theresa McNulty

  1. I’ve been researching to make these for my family for about a month – it’s a lovely devotional that I’m sure most Catholics have never heard of. The above here looks lovely, but in the Life of Sr. Mary St. Peter by Abbe Janvier (1884) page 218 she stipulated that the covering be of woolen material, and further on after describing the devotional said that it was approved by the vicar general. I believe that the Raccolta just said “little pouch” but Sr Mary St Peter specified “woolen.” I hope this devotional gets more publicity, our times need it.

    1. Thank you for the comment Jessica. When I started making these, I based them off of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face Manual, also by Janvier, which states “The leaflet is folded in two and enclosed in a little piece of stuff”. “Stuff” sounds like fabric in general. I did read on page 218 “This little devotion was, first of all, approved of by my superiors; their charity permitting the Gospel of the Circumcision to be printed, and a picture of the Infant Jesus to be engraved on the same leaf, with the initials of His adorable Name. The leaf was then folded and enclosed in a small covering of woolen material….” Sr. Mary St. Peter did put the Little Gospel inside a woolen covering, but it doesn’t say that was a requirement, but I honestly don’t know for sure. I watched a video on YouTube of some Carmelite nuns in Ireland (Carmel of the Holy Face) and they are making them using the exact same material I am using, with the same images front and back. I sent an email to them to ask them about this discrepancy in materials and if the woolen material is “required” or perhaps, all that Sr. Mary St. Peter had at the time to use for a covering for the Little Gospel. I do know some Carmelite nuns personally, and having extra fabric is a premium in any Carmel, but they do have wool for making brown scapulars. I do want these to be made correctly though, and I very much appreciate your comments! I have contacted the Carmelites in Ireland to ask them for some clarification and will reply back once I receive a response. I only want to do His Will and it must be correct. May God Reward You!

      1. Thank you so much for your kind response! Please update when you receive an answer, may Jesus reward you for your beautiful work!

        1. Hello Jessica, I spoke with my friend that is a Holy Face researcher, who in turn called a friend of hers who is a Holy Face expert. He said that the material was never specified for the Little Sachets and the only reason Sr. Mary of St. Peter and the Carmelites used brown wool is because that is what they had available. Thank you so much for the question because it helped to clarify the discrepancy! May you have a Blessed day!

  2. Hello and Glory to Jesus Christ!

    Are you all still making the Little Sachets/Little Gospels? I just wrote about this devotional on my Holy Face group. If anyone was interested in obtaining one, I was going to refer them to you.

    God bless you all! BTW, I love your channel!
    Marie Philomena

  3. Shalom! What a beautiful devotion!
    We don’t have this in the Netherlands 🙁 Do you send it also to the Netherlands? I like to hear! g
    God bless you!

  4. It seemed from the reading that Our Lord told Sister she was to give them out freely and ask/require nothing for them. In turn, free will donations would come about by those with means, and it did. It would be more comfortable attaining these from a Trad. Carmelite Monastery. No offence, but hope it’s not to make money.off these when there are websites that have free images of the Little Gospel to print .

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