The Blessed Mother “Beauty Beyond Comparison”

The Beauty of the Blessed Mother

From the book “The AfterLife: Purgatory & Heaven Explained” by Rev. Dolindo Ruotolo there is a segment on the soul contemplating Mary.

Fr. Ruotolo asked Bruno Cornacchiola, of the visions of Our Lady of Revelation, to describe to him the beauty of the Blessed Mother’s face.   Bruno answered, “It was a beauty beyond comparison, a most pure perfection of lines.  All human beauty and all masterpieces of art disappear in comparison.  Imagine a jewel-case filled with the most precious stones, shining in the most brilliant colors, a light that fills with happiness but does not dazzle. It changes at each expression with new light. Even compared with that, you would still would not have the faintest idea of the beauty of her immaculate countenance.

7 thoughts on “The Blessed Mother “Beauty Beyond Comparison”

  1. Would like to have a prayer to Our Lady of Good Success and where I can purchase a statue of Our Lady of Good Success. thank you.

  2. Here is a link with the Full Novena, and this prayer:

    Prayer to Our Mother of Good Success

    Soul of Mary, sanctify me,
    Body of Mary, purify me,
    Heart of Mary, inflame me,
    Sorrow of Mary, comfort me,
    Tears of Mary, console me,
    O Sweet Mary, hear me.
    With thy benign eyes, look on me,
    Through thy holy steps, guide me,
    To thy Divine Son, pray for me,
    Pardon for my sins, achieve for me,
    Devotion to your holy Rosary, infuse in me,
    Love for God and my fellow man, grant me,
    Permit me not to ever be separated from thee.
    In the hour of my death, comfort me,
    From my enemies, defend me,
    With the shield of thy holy name, protect me,
    With thy mantle, cover me,
    In the fatal instant of my agony, assist me,
    From dying in sin, free me,
    Into the arms of Jesus, deliver me,
    To the eternal mansion, bring me,
    So that, with the angels and saints
    I can praise thee forever and ever, Amen.

    From a holy card distributed by the Convent of the Conceptionist Sisters in Quito.
    [With ecclesiastical approval]

  3. Please pray for me brothers and sisters that God would grant me the grace to love Him with all my heart, mind and soul and love my brothers and sisters as myself for His sake. Thank you!

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