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Article by St Peter of Damascus:

“More important than attending to breathing, one must learn to call upon the Name of God at all times, in all places, and during all manner of activity. The Apostle says: pray without ceasing; that is, he teaches constant remembrance of God at all times, in all places, and under any circumstances. If you are busy doing something, you must remember the Creator of all things; if you see light, remmeber Him who it to you. If you look at the sky, the earth, the waters and all that is in them, marvel & glorify the Creator of all. If you are putting your clothes on remember Him Whose gift they are and thank Hi Who provides everything in your life. In short, let every action be an occasion for you always to remember and praise God. And before you know it, you are praying unceasingly and your soul will always rejoice in this.”

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