3 - 4 minutes readNovena to St. Peter of Verona (Feast Day 29 April)

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(Martyr by Manichean Heretics)

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

The victory was yours, O Peter!
and your zeal for the defence of holy Faith was rewarded.
You ardently desired to shed your blood for the holiest of causes,
and, by such a sacrifice,
to confirm the faithful of Christ in their religion.
Our Lord satisfied your desire;
He would even have your martyrdom be
in the festive Season of the Resurrection of our Divine Lamb,
that His glory might add lustre to the beauty of your holocaust.
When the death-blow fell upon your venerable head,
and your generous blood was flowing from the wounds,
you did write on the ground the first words of the Creed,
for whose holy truth you were giving your life.

Protector of the Christian people!
what other motive have you,
in all your labours, but charity?
What else but a desire to defend the weak from danger,
induced you not only to preach against error,
but to drive its teachers from the flock?
How many simple souls,
who were receiving divine truth from the teaching of the Church,
have been deceived by the lying sophistry of heretical doctrine,
and have lost the Faith?
Surely, the Church would do her utmost
to ward off such dangers from her children:
she would do all she could to defend them from enemies,
who were bent on destroying the glorious inheritance,
which had been handed down to them by millions of Martyrs!
She knew the strange tendency that often exists
in the heart of fallen man to love error;
whereas Truth, though of itself unchanging,
is not sure of its remaining firmly in the mind,
unless it be defended by learning or by faith.
As to learning, there are but few who possess it;
and as to faith, error is ever conspiring against,
and, of course, with the appearance of truth.
In the Christian Ages,
it would have been deemed, not only criminal, but absurd,
to grant to error the liberty which is due only to truth;
and they that were in authority,
considered it a duty to keep the weak from danger,
by removing from them all occasions of a fall,
just as the father of a family
keeps his children from coming in contact with wicked companions,
who could easily impose on their inexperience,
and lead them to evil under the name of good.

Obtain for us, O holy Martyr,
a keen appreciation of the precious gift of Faith,
that element which keeps us in the way of salvation.
May we zealously do everything
that lies in our power to preserve it,
both in ourselves and in them that are under our care.
The love of this holy Faith has grown cold in so many hearts;
and frequent intercourse with heretics or free-thinkers
has made them think and speak of matters of Faith
in a very loose way.
Pray for them, O Peter,
that they may recover that fearless love
of the Truths of Religion,
which should be one of the chief traits
of the Christian character.
If they be living in a country,
where the modern system is introduced
of treating all Religions alike,
that is, of giving equal rights to error and to truth,
let them be all the more courageous in professing the truth,
and detesting the errors opposed to the truth.
Pray for us, O holy Martyr,
that there may be enkindled within us
an ardent love of that Faith,
without which, it is impossible to please God (Heb. xi 6).
Pray that we may become all earnestness in this duty,
which is of vital importance to salvation;
that thus our Faith may daily gain strength within us,
till at length we shall merit to see in heaven,
what we have believed unhesitatingly on earth.

5 thoughts on “Novena to St. Peter of Verona (Feast Day 29 April)

  1. Hi Steve,
    Heard you talk about this wonderful Saint on News From the Pews and wanted to ask where I could purchase the St. Peter Palms. I found them on a website called Catholic Sacramentals..did you ever hear of them?

  2. I was watching a diabolical plot to destroy the church as prophesied by heaven on you tube and when he got to the spot when Jesus was talking to the crowd ,and who was doing the talking said that Jesus said eat my body that’s all. He should have said eat my body and drink my blood . I saw it in the Bible John 6&7.
    So what the churching doing by denying us the blood of Christ. The priests are denying one of the two most important part of the Mass. why don,t the priest do what Jesus say not what people say. The way the church is going we the people aren’t going to heaven because like Jesus drink my blood for forgiveness of sin and remember me. You say it every time you say Mass. Robert Morrill The Villages,Fl. 32162

  3. I was listening to the podcast. When you were telling the story and speaking of the water. Is it Holy Water that is Blessed with the prayer that is posted?
    I don’t know how I was put in contact with your podcast. Obviously, the Holy Spirit wanted me to learn about St. Peter Verona!

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