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Steve Cunningham

Founder / CEO / Maintenance

The Story

I started doing this when the movie “Greater Glory” was in theatres.  I wanted to help promote the movie and I knew of a sermon that went into great detail about this event and figured that if I put it together into a video that may draw more interest to the movie.  I have no idea if that did anything for it but had people thanking me for posting it as they learned a lot from it.  Since then it has been a daily thing to put a video together to help educate the faithful.  I am beyond amazed how this has grown in the years and have received numerous emails and messages from people all over the world that watch.

Many have said to me that “you need a website” so, with the help of a subscriber, here it is.  I will be adding things throughout the endeavor and will try to make it a site for increased piety.

On a personal note, I am married with three children.  I was born in Stuart, FL and grew up in Cowpens, SC.  Now after a stint in the Rockies I’m back in the Carolinas.

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