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On Hope

37 Q. What is Hope?
A. Hope is a supernatural virtue, infused by God into the soul, by which we desire and expect that eternal life that God has promised to His servants, as well as the means necessary to attain it.

38 Q. What grounds have we to hope that God will give us Heaven and the means necessary to secure it?
A. We hope that God will give us Heaven and the necessary means to attain it, because the all-merciful God, through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, has promised it to those who faithfully serve Him; and, being both faithful and omnipotent, He never fails in His promises.

39 Q. What are the conditions necessary to obtain Heaven?
A. The conditions necessary to obtain Heaven are the grace of God, the practice of good works, and perseverance until death in His holy love.

40 Q. How is Hope lost?
A. Hope is lost as often as Faith is lost; and it is also lost by the sins of despair and presumption.

41 Q. How is lost Hope regained?
A. Lost Hope is regained by repenting of the sin committed, and by exciting anew confidence in the divine goodness.