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The Mysteries of Faith

14 Q. Can we comprehend all the truths of Faith?
A. No, we cannot comprehend all the truths of Faith, because some of these truths are mysteries.

15 Q. What are mysteries?
A. Mysteries are truths above reason and which we are to believe even though we cannot comprehend them.

16 Q. Why must we believe mysteries?
A. We must believe mysteries because they are revealed to us by God, who, being infinite Truth and Goodness, can neither deceive nor be deceived.

17 Q. Are mysteries contrary to reason?
A. Mysteries are above, not contrary to, reason; and even reason itself persuades us to accept the mysteries.

18 Q. Why cannot the mysteries be contrary to reason?
A. The mysteries cannot be contrary to reason, because the same God who has given us the light of reason has also revealed the mysteries, and He cannot contradict Himself.