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Works of Mercy

We will be asked for a particular account of the works of mercy we have performed on the Day of Judgment. A work of mercy is a work by which we help our neighbour in his spiritual or corporal needs. Traditional lists of them are

A. Corporal works of mercy

1.To give food to the hungry

2. To give drink to the thirsty

3. To give clothing to the naked

4. To give lodging to pilgrims

5. To visit the sick

6. To visit those in prison

7. To bury the dead.

B. Spiritual works of mercy

1. To give counsel to those in doubt

2. To teach the ignorant

3. To admonish sinners

4. To console the afflicted

5. To forgive offenses

6. To bear patiently with persons who are difficult

7. To pray to God for the living and the dead.