Bishop of Valence

From the French of the Thirteenth Thousand

How are we to speak worthily of Holy Communion ?

Is there a subject on which the human tongue is more powerless to say anything that approaches the reality ? A subject which impresses one more strongly with the need of adoration rather than of speech?

St. Bernard declared himself unworthy and incapable of writing well upon the love of God. And is not Communion the ever-burning hearth, the ever-living spring of the divine love ? Is not Communion the act of Jesus giving Himself wholly to us, in order to transform us into Himself and to become one with us?

You, then, who read these pages, summon all the most loving faculties of your soul, appeal to all that is most generous and tender and strong in your heart, so that you may come to understand something of the ineffable prodigies of the divine love.

God said to Moses, when He spoke to him from the burning bush: ” The ground on which thou treadest is holy: loose thou thy sandals.” The table on which Jesus, full of love, comes to you is holy. To approach it, purge yourself of all profane thoughts, of all earthly emotions, of all idle imaginings, of all guilty affections I May the Spirit which proceeds from the Father and from the Son descend upon you as it descended upon the Saviour by the Jordan, to open your mind to the sublime and inaccessible truths that you are about to consider, and fire your heart with all the ardour of the Seraphim on high, and the still greater love of the Most Holy Mother of Jesus !



I. Union and Unity. Double Natural Communion

II. Supernatural Communion

III. The Effects of Sacramental Communion with Regard to God and Our Neighbour

IV. The First Effects of Communion with regard to Ourselves: Habitual Graces

V. Other Effects of Communion: Actual Graces

VI. Special Effects of Communion: Graces of Love and Union with Jesus Christ

VII. Obstacles to the Graces of Communion

VIII. Dispositions required for a Good Communion. Distant Preparation

IX. Approaching and Immediate Preparation for Holy Communion

X. Thanksgiving after Holy Communion

XI. The Day of Communion

XII. Daily Communion

XIII. Objections to Daily Communion

XIV. Daily Communion for Children

XV. Spiritual Communion