Ascendancy (Church & State Issues) by Fr Ripperger

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that states may restrict Church meetings and services based on COVID-19 concerns, the following article is reposted. Despite the centuries long mantra of separation of Church and state by civil authorities, it is clear that it is only a one way street. This article first appeared in the Latin Mass Magazine and has been edited for reposting.

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Resistance Podcast 68: Vaccines & the Immune System w/ Pamela Acker


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Resistance Podcast 67: Eduardo Verástegui’s 1,000,000 Rosarys on Pentecost

Eduardo is doing LIVE Rosary trying to get 1,000,000 to say it with him on Pentecost at 1pm Mexico City Time on his social media platforms.


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Resistance Podcast 61: COVID Church Response – So That Others May Live


The Last Full Measure Official Trailer

“A controllable pandemic has been transformed into a totally unnecessary pandaemonium”: John Rao on the mass hysteria

Guest op-ed: The Immorality of Indefinite Lockdowns

Baltimore Archdiocese announces start dates for reopening phases

Wait likely ‘several more weeks’ for public Masses, says vicar general

New emergency aid bill aims to cut most benefits to Catholic schools

Federal judge blocks NC governor’s restrictions on religious services

The People We Were – Video by Computing Forever – this is a tremendous video

Corbett Report Channel


China Schools Open With Thorough COVID Disinfectants

Bulletin from the Parish with the 17 ‘guidelines’ to Follow

Second Pandemic Exercise Planned by Sep 2020 & World Leader’s own Words on the Vaccine

St. Joseph Catholic in Columbia, SC ‘guidelines’ (bring hand sanitizer but no holy water… we got things backwards)

First Communion Memorials


I found this at an antique store over a year ago and was able to edit out the name that was on it and thought of selling it for 1st Communion memories. Just download and print it and enjoy for your family.  Say an Ave for me and make it look good.

First Communion memorial_blank

First Communion memorial_blank_white

Enjoy!  It was dated 1883 when I saw it at the antique store in Littleton, CO

It is also in the Zazzle store in the Merchandise section with many many many other things.

9 Day Consecration to Mary by St Maximilian Kolbe



As one prepares for unlimited Marian Consecration the number of days, per se, are not important but rather the disposition of one’s heart, seeking to reach into the very depths of oneself, as it were, to knowingly and willingly offer mind, heart and will to the Immaculate. Our disposition is directly, in most cases, made more or less generous depending on our understanding, which allows us to consent to offering a sacrifice of ourselves for the love of someone else, and just as one cannot love what one does not know, so to one does not normally give totally of oneself without some understanding of what and to whom they are giving.

St. Maximilian teaches rightly that the words, or the formula of consecration, are of small significance What is important is the desire to offer oneself as a limitless oblation to the Immaculate as Her “property and possession.”  The words and formula are meant to assist us in this.

The Marian Consecration of St. Maximilian Kolbe is distinguished from the teaching of Saint Louis Grignion [de Montfort] especially on account of what lies behind it:

  • Not just the “Franciscan thesis,” but also the dogma of the Immaculate, with all its practical and theoretical consequences.

  • The universal end of “sanctificationem omnium” [sanctification of all],

  • The universal Mediation of the Immaculate,

  • The need to win the whole world over to the Immaculate.” (n. 796)

Solemn Act of Consecration (click for the link)

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St John Eudes on Bad & Good Priests

In his book ‘The Priest: His Dignity and Obligations’ St John Eudes wrote that God permits bad priests as a sign that He is thoroughly angry with His people. In Chapter 11, Qualities of a Priest St John Eudes writes:

Bad priests are a sign of God’s anger

‘THE MOST EVIDENT MARK of God’s anger and the most terrible castigation He can inflict upon the world are manifested when He permits His people to fall into the hands of clerics’ who are priests more in name than in deed, priests who practice the cruelty of ravening wolves rather than the charity and affection of devoted shepherds.

Instead of nourishing those committed to their care, they rend and devour them brutally. Instead of leading their people to God, they drag Christian souls into hell in their train. Instead of being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, they are its innocuous poison and its murky darkness.

St. Gregory the Great says that priests and pastors will stand condemned before God as the murderers of any souls lost through neglect or silence. Tot occidimus, quot ad mortem ire tepidi et tacentes videmus. Elsewhere St. Gregory asserts that nothing more angers God than to see those whom He set aside for the correction of others, give bad example by a wicked and depraved life.’

Instead of preventing offenses against His Majesty, such priests become themselves the first to persecute Him, they lose their zeal for the salvation of souls and think only of following their own inclinations. Their affections go no farther than earthly things, they eagerly bask in the empty praises of men, using their sacred ministry to serve their ambitions, they abandon the things of God to devote themselves to the things of the world, and in their saintly calling of holiness, they spend their time in profane and worldly pursuits.

When God permits such things, it is a very positive proof that He is thoroughly angry with His people, and is visiting His most dreadful anger upon them. That is why He cries unceasingly to Christians, “Return, 0 ye revolting children . . . and I will give you pastors according to my own heart” (Jer. 3, 14-15). Thus, irregularities in the lives of priests constitute a scourge visited upon the people in consequence of sin.’

Good priests are a sign of God’s mercy

St John Eudes then goes on to examine the signs of good priests, and their value in God’s sight. Here is a selection of some of the qualities of God priests that are particularly needed in these times, which are a sign of divine grace:

On the other hand, the greatest effect of God’s mercy, the most precious grace He bestows upon mankind, is to send worthy priests, men after His own heart, seeking only His glory and the salvation of souls. The greatest blessing that God bestows upon a church, the most signal manifestation of divine grace, is to have a saintly shepherd, be he bishop or priest. This is indeed the grace of graces and the most priceless of all gifts for it includes within itself every other blessing and grace. What is a priest after God’s heart? He is an inestimable treasure containing an immensity of good things.

‘He is an ever burning and shining light set in the candelabra of Mother Church, burning before God and shining before men: burning in his own love for God, shining by his charity for his fellow man; burning with the perfection of his inner life, shining by the perfection of his exterior deportment; burning in fervent prayer for his people, shining by his preaching of the word of God.

The priest is a sun cheering the world by his presence and bearing. He brings heavenly blessings into every heart. He dispels the ignorance and darkness of error and radiates on every side bright beams of celestial light. He extinguishes sin and gives life and grace to the multitudes. He imparts new life to the weak, inflames the lukewarm, fires more ardently those who are aglow with the sacred flame of divine love.

He is an angel purifying, illuminating and perfecting the souls that God has entrusted to him. He is a seraph sent by God to teach men the science of salvation which is concerned only with knowing and loving Almighty God and His Divine Son, Jesus Christ. The priest is an archangel and a prince of the heavenly militia, waging constant war against the devil who strives to drag countless souls into the depths of hell.

He is a captain in the mighty army of God, always ready to battle for the glory of God and the defense of Holy Mother Church. He is ever prepared to lay siege to the world, the flesh and the devil. For him the conquest of kingdoms means only the salvation of souls for each soul is a kingdom more precious than all the empires of the world.

Holy Week Schedule

As you all know there are a lot of on-line streaming going on and on the YouTube Channel we have 2 parishes streaming LIVE during the week (& beyond) & they are doing the pre-1955 rubrics

I will post the times and links to support each parish who is contributing.

St Joan of Arc, FSSP website here

Palm Sunday Mass pre 1955 here

Daily Mass streaming regular hours

Holy Thursday at 6:30pm PST

Good Friday at 3pm PST

Holy Saturday Vigil at 7:30pm PST

Tenebrae 6:30am PST (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)

Holy Week Liturgies Sources


Our Lady of Mt Carmel, FSSP

online donations page here

Palm Sunday pre-1955 here

Holy Thursday at 7pm MST

Good Friday at 3pm MST

Easter Vigil at 6:00pm MST

Easter Sunday at 10:30am MST


Holy Thursday Tenebrae is on WEDNESDAY evening at 7:00pm.

Good Friday Tenebrae is on MAUNDY THURSDAY evening at 9:00pm.

And Holy Saturday Tenebrae is on GOOD FRIDAY evening at 7:00pm.


St. Mary’s Oratory (website here)