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Prayer of St. Francis de Sales to St. Joseph

Prayer of St. Francis de Sales to St. Joseph: Glorious St Joseph, spouse of Mary, grant us thy paternal protection, we beseech thee by the heart of Jesus Christ. O thou, whose power extends to all our necessities and can render possible for us the most impossible things, open thy fatherly eyes to the needs […]

Sermon on the Divine Name by St. Leonard of Port Maurice & a Sacramental for Protection From Plagues

The original Italian can be found here and here The thing I yearn for from you is a tender devotion to the Most Holy and sweet Name of Jesus. This is that great Name, which is above all names, in which we must be saved, and without which there is no health. Oh Most Sacred […]

Prayer to Blessed Noel Pinot for Priests under Persecution

Prayer to Blessed Noel Pinot for Priests under Persecution He went to the guillotine still vested for Mass and repeatedly praying the words that begin the Mass: “Introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui laetificat iuventutem meam. Blessed Noel Pinot, who shared in the Sacred Priesthood of Jesus, the Sovereign Priest, deign to show us, […]

Bad Popes in the History of the Church

Most of the people I have talked to (at conferences, emails, comments, etc) are very anxious about what is going on in Rome these days. In conversations I would ask them about the “Cadaver synod” and since they did not know about it I would explain it and then ask “how would the 24/7 news […]

1997 Letter From a Priest to His Parish About Returning the Tabernacle to its Rightful Place

Here is an excerpt from the book “Ugly as Sin” by Michael Rose. In 1997 Fr. Richard Simon of St. Thomas of Canterbury Church in Chicago announced to his parish that he planned to make such a liturgical move because he felt that the experiment of removing the tabernacle from the sanctuary had failed. In […]

The 4th Catholic Church in North Carolina & How it Received Heavenly Help vs Union Troops

A Bit of Irish History Requiem for St. Joseph’s Gather around, I have a story to tell. Once in a time long before today, six Irish Catholic families came to work the gold mines along the banks of the Catawba River. Now, they are gone and mostly forgotten, their lives lost to the irretrievable mystery […]

St. Bellarmine’s “Antichrist”: Series with Translator Ryan Grant

From the Mediatrix Press website for the book: In Antichrist, St. Robert Bellarmine turns his deep knowledge, scholarship and devotion to the Holy Church toward the task of refuting what was in that time the dogma of all Protestantism, namely, that the Pope is the Antichrist. Bellarmine, in argument after argument, shows both how Antichrist […]

Novena in Honor of the Seven Sorrows of Mary (Beginning September 6)

Novena in Honor of the Seven Sorrows of Mary (Beginning September 6)   [Besides the indulgences granted for every novena in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII on January 27, 1888, granted that all the faithful may gain, on the third Sunday in September, being the second feast of […]

Marian Clergy Retreat at Douai Abbey with Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP

For more conferences of Fr De Malleray’s please click here Fr’s new book on the holy Eucharist here (for Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia orders) & here for North & South America orders