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St. Nicholas Owen, Martyr (22 March) – The Priest Hole Maker

St. Nicholas Owen, Martyr (22 March) – The Priest Hole Maker During the deadly feuds which existed in the Middle Ages, when no man was secure from spies and traitors even within the walls of his own house, it is no matter of wonder that the castles and mansions of the powerful and wealthy were […]

English Martyrs – Venerable John Slade, Layman, 30 October, 1583

From the Lives of the English Martyrs Declared Venerable by Leo XIII VENERABLE JOHN SLADE LAYMAN. Winchester, 30 October, 1583.   On 6 May, 1626, Benjamin Norton, vicar for Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire, wrote to Dr. Richard Smith, Bishop of Chalcedon : — ** Of Mr. J. Slade I yett knowe noe more […]

Alfie Evans & Organ Harvesting

Most following this site has probably heard of the Alfie Evans saga going on across the pond in England.  To the rational human nothing makes sense in this.  Why are they keeping the kid?  Do they want the kid to die?  How is it that the parents ‘have no rights’ and have been told if […]

Ryan Grant on the Catholic Reformation

Ryan Grant of Mediatrix Press was in Northglenn, Colorado speaking on the events leading up to the Reformation and the Catholic response to it.  These were very enlightening and educational talks that will have you watching repeatedly to get all the facts down. To have Ryan speak at your parish please visit his site here For […]