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The 20,000 Nicomedia Marytrs (25 December) ~ Dom Prosper Guéranger

The 20,000 Nicomedia Martyrs From the section in Christmas after Compline ​ Let us give the holy Martyrs a thought, whose memory is offered to our veneration by the Church in her Martyrology of this Christmas season. Diocletian and his colleagues in the Empire had recently published the famous edict of persecution, which waged against […]

A Brief Comparison of the Traditional Roman & Pian Holy Week Ceremonies

A BRIEF COMPARISON OF THE Traditional Roman & Pian HOLY WEEK CEREMONIES From the Latin Mass Society Australia – www.lmsaus.org “The beginning of this renewal was the work of Our predecessor … Pius XII, in the restoration of the Paschal Vigil and of the Holy Week Rite, which formed the first stage of updating the […]


MYSTERY OF PASCHAL TIME Of all the Seasons of the Liturgical Year, Easter-tide is by far the richest in mystery. We might even say that Easter is the summit of the Mystery of the sacred Liturgy. The Christian who is happy enough to enter, with his whole mind and heart, into the knowledge and the […]


THE LITURGICAL YEAR BY THE VERY REV. DOM PROSPER GUÉRANGER, ABBOT OF SOLESMES PASCHAL TIME EASTER SUNDAY [Easter is the Anglo- Saxon word for April, and was derived, as Venerable Bede tells us, (in his book De temporum ratione c. 13,) from Easter, a goddess of our pagan ancestors. Others derive Easter from Oest, Oost […]

Holy Saturday ~ Dom Prosper Gueranger

THE MORNING.   A night has passed over the Tomb, wherein lies the buried the Body of the Man-God. Death is triumphant in that silent cave, and holds captive Him that gives life to every creature : — but his triumph will soon be at an end. The Soldiers may watch, as best they will, […]