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St. Ephrem’s Consolation of Mothers of Babies Who Died

In Dom Prosper Gueranger’s write up for the 7th day in the Octave of All Saints, which is November 7, he concludes with this piece of St. Ephrem & a prayer afterwards For the consolation of mothers, as well as in homage to the Paradise of which their children are the graceful flowers, we will […]

The Blessed Mother “Beauty Beyond Comparison”

The Beauty of the Blessed Mother From the book “The AfterLife: Purgatory & Heaven Explained” by Rev. Dolindo Ruotolo there is a segment on the soul contemplating Mary. Fr. Ruotolo asked Bruno Cornacchiola, of the visions of Our Lady of Revelation, to describe to him the beauty of the Blessed Mother’s face.   Bruno answered, “It was […]

Prayers by Blessed Bartolo Longo

Prayers to and by Blessed Bartolo Longo From his writings The Rosary a Teacher of Life The Rosary is a teacher of life, a teacher full of gentleness and love, where people beneath the gaze of Mary, almost without noticing, discover they are being slowly educated in preparation for the second life, that which is […]

Sermon on the Divine Name by St. Leonard of Port Maurice & a Sacramental for Protection From Plagues

The original Italian can be found here and here The thing I yearn for from you is a tender devotion to the Most Holy and sweet Name of Jesus. This is that great Name, which is above all names, in which we must be saved, and without which there is no health. Oh Most Sacred […]

Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory (Beginning October 24)

Novena for the Holy Souls in Purgatory (Beginning October 24) From the 1910 Raccolta. (300 Days, T.Q. Plenary, during the period. I, II, IV.) First Day, October 24 Jesus my Saviour, I have so often deserved to be cast into Hell; how great would be my suffering if I were now cast away and obliged […]

Miscarriages & Baptism

Baptize in Case of Miscarriage (pdf print) Baptizing Miscarried and Stillborn Babies: The Other Unborn Roman Rite (pdf … below is from the Baptism section) 1964 Roman Rituale Book of blessings and rites (Extraordinary Form) – General Instructions on Baptisms: mentions about conditions for baptism in the womb 20. No child is to be baptized […]

History/Symbolism of Renaissance Art & Caravaggio Lecture Series by Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant of www.mediatrixpress.com gave two lectures on Catholic Art today at Our Lady of Mt Carmel parish in Littleton, CO.  I’ve included both lectures from the conference he did. He has a wide range of lecture topics that you can find here Also, Ryan’s blog has more write ups on this subject here