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A Priest’s Moral Analysis of the COVID “Vaccines”

The following was shared with me by a priest who I trust. Moral Analysis of Vaccines JMJ On the blatant immorality of the currently employed COVID vaccines  What follows are a series of briefly outlined moral arguments. Each argument stands alone, and in itself is sufficient to demonstrate the immorality of receiving the currently employed […]

Holy Water, St Peter Martyr Water, St Vincent Ferrer Water & other Sacramentals for Bodily Health

You may know of the protection of holy water but did you know about other sacramentals? Wine? Other water? I’ll provide the prayers of Holy Water, wine, and other sacramentals below for you to look at. RITE FOR PROVIDING HOLY WATER Some minor changes have been made in this rite, such as the omission of […]

Patron Saints of Plagues & Sacramentals to Protect Yourself From a Plague

 Who are some patron saints of plagues? Here are a few who you could pray to for help during the outbreak. St. George he is one of the ‘Fourteen Holy Helpers’ – a group of saints people turned to for assistance during times of need. St George is also the patron of other things including […]