Translated by Roy J. Deferrari


General Index



Translator’s Preface

General Index (Chronological)

Index of Signs




1 Most Ancient Forms of the Apostolic Creed

2 ff. The More Ancient (R) Western Form of the Apostolic Creed

5 f. The More Recent (T) Western Form of the Apostolic Creed

8 ff. The Eastern Form of the Apostolic Creed

13 f. The Creed of Epiphanius

15 f. Formula Called the “Faith of Damasus”

17 f. Formula “The Merciful Trinity”

19 ff. Creed of the Council of Toledo of the year 400 [and 447]

39 f. The Creed “Quicumque”



PETER THE APOSTLE   (?)-67(?) under whose name two canonical epistles are extant.

LINUS 67(?) – 79(?) ST. (ANA) CLETUS 79(?) – 90(?)

CLEMENT I, 90(?)-99(?)

The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

The Hierarchy and the Status of the Laity


ZEPHYRINUS, 198(?)-217 

resp. ST. CALLISTUS I, 217-222

42a The Incarnate Word

42 The Absolving of Sins


CORNELIUS I, 251-253

44 The Monarchical Constitution of the Church

45 The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy


STEPHAN I, 254-257

46 f. The Baptism of Heretics


DIONYSIUS, 259-268

48 ff. The Trinity and the Incarnation


Council of Illiberi, between 300-306

52a The Indissolubility of Matrimony

52b f. The Celibacy of the Clergy

52d f. Baptism and Confirmation


SYLVESTER I, 314-335

Council of Arelas I, 314

53 The Baptism of Heretics



(Ecumenical I)

  1. The Nicene Creed
  2. ff. The Baptism of Heretics and the Viaticum of the Dying


JULIUS I, 337-352

57a The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff


Council of Serdica, 343-344

57b ff. The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff


St. Damasus I, 366-384

Council of Rome, 382

58 ff. The Trinity and the Incarnation

83 The Holy Spirit

84 The Canon of Sacred Scripture



(Ecumenical II)

85 Condemnation of Heretics

86 The “Nicene-Constantinopolitan” Creed


SIRICIUS, 384-398

87 The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

88 The Baptism of Heretics

88a. Christian Marriage

  1. The Celibacy of the Clergy

90 The Ordinations of Monks

91 The Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Council of Carthage (III), 397

92 The Canon of the Sacred Scripture



93 The Orthodoxy of the Pope Liberius


INNOCENT I, 401-417

94 The Baptism of Heretics

95 Reconciliation in the Moment of Death

96 The Canon of the Holy Scripture and the Apocryphal Books

97 The Baptism of the Paulianists

98 The Minister of Confirmation

99 The Minister of Extreme Unction

100 The Primacy and the Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff


ZOSIMUS, 417-418

Council of Mileum II, 416 and Council of Carthage XVI, 418

101 ff. Original Sin and Grace

109 The Primacy and the Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff

109a Original Sin


BONIFACE I, 418-422

110 The Primacy and Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff


CELESTINE I, 422-432

111 Reconciliation in the Moment of Death



(Ecumenical III)

111a The Incarnation

112 The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

113 ff. The Anathemas of the Chapter of Cyril (against Nestorius)

125 Faith and Tradition to be Guarded

126 f. Condemnation of the Pelagians

128 The Authority of St. Augustine

129 ff. The Grace of God-“The Index,” or authorities


LEO I, 440-461

143 f. The Incarnation (against Eutyches)

145 Secret Confession

146 f. The Sacrament of Penance



(Ecumenical IV)

148 Definition of the Two Natures of Christ

149 The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

150 ff. The Ordination of the Clergy



159 The Necessity of Guarding the Faith

160 The Unchangeableness of Christian Doctrine


Council of Aries, 475(?)

160a Grace and Predestination


GELASIUS I, 492-496

161 Errors Once Condemned, not to be Discussed Again

162 The Canon of Sacred Scripture

163 The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff and the Patriarchal Sees

164 f. The Authority of the Councils and the Fathers

166 The Apocrypha “which are not accepted”

167 The Remission of Sins

168 The Two Natures of Christ



169 The Ordinations of Schismatics

170 The Origin of Souls and Original Sin


HORMISDAS, 514-523

171f. The Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff

  1. The Canon, Primacy, Councils, Apocrypha

173a. The Authority of St. Augustine


FELIX III, 526-530

Council of Orange II, 529

174 ff. Original Sin, Grace, Predestination


BONIFACE II, 530-532

200a f. Confirmation of the Council of Orange II


JOHN II, 533-535

201 f. “One of the Trinity Suffered,” and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God


VIGILIUS (537) 540-555

203 ff. Canons against Origen



(Ecumenical V)

  1. Ecclesiastical Tradition

213 ff. Anathemas Concerning the Three Chapters


PELAGIUS I, 556-561

228a. The Last Things

  1. The Form of Baptism
  2. The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff


JOHN III, 561-574

Council of Braga II, 561

231 ff. Anathemas against Heretics, especially the Priscillianists


PELAGIUS II, 579-590

  1. The Unity of the Church
  2. The Necessity of Union with the Church



  1. The Knowledge of Christ (against the Agnoetae)
  2. Baptism and the Orders of Heretics
  3. The Time of the Hypostatic Union


HONORIUS I, 625-638

251 f. Two Wills and Operations in Christ


JOHN IV, 640-642

253 The Meaning of the Words of Honorius about the Two Wills


MARTIN I, 649-653 (655)

The Lateran Council, 649

254 ff. The Trinity, the Incarnation, etc.


(ADEODATUS, 672-676)

Council of Toledo XI, 675

275 ff. Creed of Faith (especially concerning the Trinity and the Incarnation)


AGATHO, 678-681

Roman Council, 680

  1. The Hypostatic Union



(Ecumenical VI)

289 ff. Definition of the Two Wills of Christ


(ST. SERGIUS I, 687-701)

Council of Toledo XV, 685

294 f. Protestation concerning the Trinity and the Incarnation


Council of Toledo XVI, 693

  1. Profession of Faith concerning the Trinity


GREGORY II, 715-731

296a The Form and Minister of Baptism


GREGORY III, 731-741

296b Baptism and Confirmation


ZACHARY, 741-752

297 The Form and Minister of Baptism


HADRIAN I, 772-795

298 The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

299 The Errors of the Adoptionists

300 f. Predestination and the Various Abuses of the Spaniards



(Ecumenical VII)

302 ff. Definition of the Sacred Images and Tradition

  1. The Sacred Elections

306 ff. Images, the Humanity of Christ, Tradition

309 f. The Errors of the Adoptionists


Council of Frankfort, 794

311 ff.   Christ, the Natural, not the Adopted Son of God


LEO III, 795-816

Council of Friuli (Friaul), 796

314a Christ, the Natural, not the Adopted Son of God


LEO IV, 847-855

Council of Ticinus (Pavia), 850

315 The Sacrament of Extreme Unction


Council of Quiersy, 853

316 ff. Redemption and Grace


Council of Valence III, 855

320 ff. Predestination


NICHOLAS I, 858-867

Roman Council, 860 and 863

326 ff. Primacy, the Passion of Christ, Baptism

330 ff. The Immunity and Independence of the Church

  1. The Form of Matrimony

334a f. The Form and Minister of Baptism


HADRIAN II, 867-872

Council of Constantinople IV, 869-870

(Ecumenical VIII)

336 ff. Canons against Photius


JOHN XV, 985-996

Roman Council, 993

  1. The Worship of the Saints


LEO IX, 1049-1054

343 ff. Symbol of Faith

350 ff. The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff


NICHOLAS II, 1059-1061

Roman Council, 1060

  1. The Ordinations by Simoniacs


GREGORY VII, 1073-1085

Roman Council VI, 1079

  1. The Most Holy Eucharist


URBAN II, 1088-1099

Council of Benevento, 1091

356 The Sacramental Nature of the Diaconate


PASCHAL II, 1099-1118

Lateran Council, 1102

  1. The Obedience Owed the Church


Council of Guastalla, 1106

358 The Ordinations by Heretics and Simoniacs


CALLISTUS II, 1119-1124


(Ecumenical IX)

359 ff. Simony, Celibacy, Investiture, Incest


INNOCENT II, 1130-1143


(Ecumenical X)

364 ff. Simony, Usury, False Penitence, the Sacraments


Council of Sens, 1140 or 1141

368 ff. The Errors of Peter Abelard

  1. Baptism of Desire (an unbaptized priest)


EUGENIUS III, 1145-1153

Council of Reims, 1148

389 ff. Confession of Faith in the Trinity


ALEXANDER III, 1159-1181

  1. Erroneous Proposition concerning the Humanity of Christ

394 The Illicit Contract of a Sale

395 ff. The Bond of Matrimony

398 f. The Form of Baptism



(Ecumenical XI)

  1. Simony

401 Heresies that Must be Avoided


LUCIUS III, 1181-1185

Council of Verona, 1184

  1. The Sacraments (against the Albigenses)


URBAN III, 1185-1187

  1. Usury


INNOCENT III, 1198-1216

  1. The Form of the Sacrament of Matrimony

405 f. The Bond of Marriage and the Pauline Privilege

407 f. Marriage of Pagans and the Pauline Privilege

  1. The Dissolubility of Valid Marriage by Religious Profession

410 f. The Effect of Baptism (and the Character)

412 The Matter of Baptism

413 The Minister of Baptism and the Baptism of Spirit

414 f. The Form of the Eucharistic Sacrament and its Elements

416 f. Water Mixed with Wine in the Sacrifice of the Mass

418 The Feigned (Simulated) Celebration of Mass

419 The Minister of Confirmation

420 ff. Profession of Faith Prescribed for Durand of Osca and His Waldensian Companions



(Ecumenical XII)

428 ff. The Trinity, Sacraments, Canonical Mission, etc.

428 ff. Chap. I. The Catholic Faith

431 ff. Chap. 2. The Error of Abbot Joachin

434 Chap. 3. The Heretics (Waldensian)

435 Chap. 4. The Pride of the Greeks against the Latins

436 Chap. 5. The Dignity of the Patriarchs

437 f. Chap. 2I. Obligation of Making Confession and of its not being Revealed by the Priest, and the Obligation of Receiving the Sacrament at least in Paschal Time

439 Chap. 41. The Continuation of Good Faith in Every Precept

440 Chap. 62. The Relics of the Saints


HONORIUS III, 1216-1227

441 The Matter of the Eucharist


GREGORY IX, 1227-1241

442 f. The Necessity of Preserving Theological Terminology and Tradition

  1. Condemnation of Various Heretics
  2. The Matter and Form of Ordination
  3. The Invalidity of Marriage Subject to Conditions

447 The Matter of Baptism

448 Usury


INNOCENT IV, 1243-1254


(Ecumenical XIII)

449 ff. The Rites of the Greeks


ALEXANDER IV, 1254-1261

458 f. Errors of William of St. Amour (concerning Mendicants)


GREGORY X, 1271-1276


(Ecumenical XIV)

  1. Declaration Concerning the Procession of the Holy Spirit

461 ff. Profession of Faith of Michael Palaeologus


BONIFACE VIII, 1294-1303

467 Indulgences

468 f. The Unity and Power of the Church


BENEDICT XI, 1303-1304

  1. The Repeated Confession of Sins


CLEMENT V, 1305-1314


(Ecumenical XV)

471 ff. The Errors of the Beghards and the Beguines (the State of Perfection)

479 Usury

480 ff. Errors of Peter John Olivi (on the Incarnation, the Soul, and Baptism)


JOHN XXII, 1316-1334

484 ff. The Errors of the Fraticelli (on the Church and the Sacraments)

491 ff The Errors of John of Pouilly (on Confession and the Church)

493a Hell and Limbo (?)

  1. The Poverty of Christ

495 ff. Errors of Marsilius of Padua and John of Jandun (on the Constitution of the Church)

501 ff. Errors of Eckart (on the Son of God, etc.)


BENEDICT XII, 1334-1342

530 f. The Beatific Vision of God and the Last Days

532 ff. Errors of the Armenians


CLEMENT VI, 1342-1352

550 ff. The Satisfaction of Christ, the Treasure of the Church, Indulgences

553 ff. Errors (philosophical) of Nicholas of Autrecourt

570a ff. The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

570s Purgatory

57I ff. The Matter and Minister of Confirmation

574a The Errors of the Armenians


URBAN V, 1362-1370

575 ff. Errors of Dionysius Foullechat (on Perfection and Poverty)


GREGORY XI, 1370-1378

575 ff. Errors of Peter of Bonageta and of John of Lato (on the Most Holy Eucharist)


MARTIN V, 1417-1431


(Ecumenical XVI)

581 ff. Errors of John Wycliffe (Session VIII)

  1. Definition of Communion under One Species (Session XIII)

627 ff. Errors of John Hus (Session XV)

657 ff. Questions to be Proposed to the Wycliffites and Hussites

  1. Condemnation of the Proposition of Tyrannicide


EUGENIUS IV, 1431-1447


(Ecumenical XVII)

691 ff. Decree for the Greeks

695 ff. Decree for the Armenians

703 ff. A Decree in Behalf of the Jacobites


CALLISTUS III, 1455-1458

  1. Usury and Contract for Rent


PIUS II, 1458-1464

717 Appeal to the General Council

7I7a ft. Errors of Zanini de Solcia

718 The Blood of Christ


SIXTUS IV, 1471-1484

719 ff. Errors of Peter de Rivo (concerning the Truth of Future Contingencies)

723a Indulgence for the Dead

724 ft. Errors of Peter de Osma (on the Sacrament of Penance)

734 f. The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary


LEO X, 1513-1521


(Ecumenical XVIII)

738.  The Human Soul (against the Neo-Aristotelians)

739. “Mountains of Piety” and Usury

740. The Relation Between the Pope and the Councils

740a. Indulgences

741 ff. Errors of Martin Luther


PAUL III, 1534-1549


(Ecumenical XIX)

782 Decree on the Symbol of Faith (Session III)

783 f. Decree of the Canonical Scriptures (Session IV)

785 f. Decree on the Edition and the Use of the Sacred Books

787 ft. Decree on Original Sin (Session V)

792a ff. Decree on Justification (Session VI)

793 Chap. I. The Inability of Nature and of the Law to Justify Man

794 Chap. 2. The Dispensation and Mystery of the Advent of Christ

795 Chap. 3· Who are Justified Through Christ

796 Chap. 4. A Description of the Justification of the Sinner, and Its Mode in the State of Grace is Recommended

797 Chap. 5. The Necessity of Preparation for Justification of Adults, and Whence it Proceeds

798 Chap. 6. The Manner of Preparation

799 ff. Chap. 7. In What the Justification of the Sinner Consists, and What are its Causes

801 Chap. 8. How One is to Understand the Gratuitous Justification of a Sinner by Faith

802 Chap. 9. Against the Vain Confidence of Heretics

803 Chap. 10. The Increase of Justification Received

804 Chap. 11. The Observance of the Commandments, and Necessity and Possibility thereof

805 Chap. 12. Rash Presumption of Predestination is to be Avoided

806 Chap. 13. The Gift of Perseverance

807 Chap. 14. The Fallen and Their Restoration

808 Chap. 15. Grace is Lost by Every Mortal Sin, but not Faith

809 f. Chap. 16. The Fruit of Justification, that is, the Merit of Good Works, and the Reasonableness of that Merit

811 ff. Canons on Justification

843a Foreword (Session VII)

844 ff. Canons on the Sacraments in General

857 ff. Canons on the Sacrament of Baptism

871 ff. Canons on the Sacrament of Confirmation


JULIUS III, 1550-1555


873a ft. Decree on the Most Holy Eucharist (Session XIII)

  1. Chap. 1. The Real Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist
  2. Chap. 2. The Reason for the Institution of this Most Holy Sacran1ent
  3. Chap. 3. The Excellence of the Most Holy Eucharist Over the Other Sacraments
  4. Chap. 4. Transubstantiation
  5. Chap. 5. The Worship and Veneration to be Shown to this Most Holy Sacrament
  6. Chap. 6. The Reservation of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and Bearing it to the Sick

880 Chap. 7. The Preparation that Must be Employed to Receive the Holy Eucharist Worthily .

881 Chap. 8. The Use of the Admirable Sacrament

883 ff. Canons on the Most Holy Sacrament of Eucharist

893a ff. Doctrine on the Sacrament of Penance (Session XIV)

894 Chap. I. The Necessity and Institution of the Sacrament of Penance

  1. Chap. 2. The Difference Between the Sacrament of Penance and that of Baptism
  2. Chap. 3. The Parts and Fruits of the Sacrament of Penance

897 f. Chap. 4. Contrition

899 f. Chap. 5. Confession

  1. Chap. 6. The Minister of this Sacrament and Absolution
  2. Chap. 7. The Reservation of Cases

904 f. Chap. 8. The Necessity and Fruit of Satisfaction

  1. Chap. 9. The Works of Satisfaction
  2. The Doctrine of the Sacrament of Extreme Unction

908 Chap. I. The Institution of the Sacrament of Extreme Unction

  1. Chap. 2. The Effect of the Sacrament
  2. Chap. 3. The Minister of this Sacrament and the Time When it Should be Administered

911 ff. Canons on the Sacrament of Penance

926 ff. Canons on Extreme Unction


PIUS IV, 1559-1565


929a ff. The Doctrine on Communion under both Species and that of Little Children (Session XXI)

930 Chap. I. Laymen and Clerics not Offering Mass are not Bound by Divine Law to Communion under Both Species

931 Chap. 2. The Power of the Church Concerning the Administration of the Sacrament of the Eucharist

932 Chap. 3. Christ Whole and Entire and a True Sacrament is Received under Either Species

933 Chap. 4. Little Children are not Bound to Sacramental Communion

934 ff. Canons on Communion Under Both Species and that of Little Children

937a ff. The Doctrine on the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

(Session XXII)

938 f. Chap. 1. [The Institution of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass]

940 Chap. 2. [The Sacrifice is a Visible Propitiation for the Living and the Dead]

941 Chap. 3. Masses in Honor of the Saints

942 Chap. 4. [The Canon of the Mass]

943 Chap. 5 [The Solemn Ceremonies of the Sacrifice of the Mass]

944 Chap. 6. [The Mass in which the Priest Alone Communicates]

945 Chap. 7 [The Water to be Mixed with Wine to be Offered in the Chalice]

946 Chap. 8. [The Mass not to be Celebrated in the Vernacular, and its Mysteries to be Explained to the People

947 Chap. 9. [Preliminary Remarks on the Following Canons]

948 ff. Canons on the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

956a ff. The Doctrine of the Sacrament of Orders (Session XXIII)

957 Chap. 1. [The Institution of the Priesthood of the New Law]

958 Chap. 2. [The Seven Orders]

959 Chap. 3. [The Order of the Priesthood IS Truly a Sacrament]

960 Chap. 4. [The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy and Ordination]

961 ff. Canons on the Sacrament of Order

969 ff. Doctrine concerning the Sacrament of Matrimony

(Session XXIV)

983 Decree Concerning Purgatory (Session XXV)

984 ff. Invocation, Veneration and Relics of Saints, and on Sacred Images

989 Decree Concerning Indulgences

990 ff. Clandestinity Invalidating Matrimony (Session XXIX)

  1. The Trinity and the Incarnation (against the Unitarians)

994 ff. The Profession of Faith of the Council of Trent


PIUS V, 1566-1572

1001 ff. Errors of Michael du Bay (Baii)

1081 f.  Exchanges (i.e., Exchanging of Money, Promissory Notes)


GREGORY XIII, 1572-1585

1083 ff. Profession of Faith Prescribed for the Greeks


CLEMENT VIII, 1592-1605

1086 The Faculty of Blessing Sacred Oils

1087 Ordination of Schismatics

1088 f. Absolution of one not present (in absentia)


PAUL V, 1605-1621

  1. The Aids or Efficacy of Grace


INNOCENT X, 1644-1655

  1. Error of the Dual Head of the Church

1092 ff. Errors of Cornelius Jansen

  1. The Aids or Efficacy of Grace


ALEXANDER VII, 1655-1667

1098 The Meaning of the Words of Cornelius Jansen

1099 Formulary of Submission Proposed for the Jansenists

1100 The Immaculate Conception of the B. V. M.

1101 ff. Various Errors on Moral Matters

1146 Perfect and Imperfect Contrition


INNOCENT XI, 1676-1689

1147 ff. Frequent and Daily Communion

1151 ff. Various Errors on Mortal Subjects (II)

1217 f. Errors on “donated omnipotence”

1219 Moral Systems

1220 Error Concerning the Seal of Confession

1221 ff. Errors of Michael of Molinos



1289 f. Errors Concerning the Goodness of an Act and Concerning Philosophic Sin

1291 ff. Errors of the Jansenists

1322 ff. Articles (Erroneous) of the Gallican Clergy (about the Power of the Roman Pontiff)


INNOCENT XII, 1691-1700

1327 ff. Errors Concerning the Most Pure Love of God


CLEMENT XI, 1700-1721

1349a f. Concerning Truths which Necessarily Must be Explicitly Believed

1350 An Obsequious Silence in Regard to Dogmatic Facts

1351 ff. Errors of Paschasius Quesnel


BENEDICT XIV, 1740-1758

1452 ff. Clandestine Marriages in Belgium (and Holland)

  1. The Minister of Confirmation

1459 ff. Profession of Faith which is Prescribed for Orientals (Maronites)

  1. About not Demanding the Name of an Accomplice

1475ff. Usury

1480 ff. The Baptism of Jewish Children

1491 ff. Errors Concerning Duelling


PIUS VI, 1775-1799

1496 ff. Mixed Marriages in Belgium

1500 Concerning the Power of the Roman Pontiff (against Febronianism)

1500a The Power of the One Church in the Marriage of Baptized Persons

1501 ff. Errors of the Synod of Pistoia

1501 ff. [A. Errors about the Church]

[B. Errors about Justification, Grace, the Virtues]

[C. Errors  about the Sacraments, and First about the Sacramental Form with a Condition Attached

[D. Errors] Concerning Duties, Practices, Rules Pertaining to Religious Worship

[E. Errors Concerning the Reformation of Regulars]

[F. Errors] about convoking a National Council


PIUS VII, 1800-1823

1600 f. The Indissolubility of Marriage

1602 ff. Versions of Sacred Scripture


LEO XII, 1823-1829

1607 f. The Versions of Sacred Scripture


Pius VIII, 1829-1830

1609 f. Usury


Gregory XVI, 1831-1846

1611 f. Usury

1613 ft. Indifferentism (against Felicite de Lamennais)

1617 The False Doctrines of Felicite de Lamennais

1618 Condemnation of the Works of George Hermes

1622 ft. Faith and Reason (against Louis Eugene Bautain)

1628 f. The Matter of Extreme Unction

1630 ff. Versions of Sacred Scripture


PIUS IX, 1846-1878

1634 ft. Faith and Reason

1640 Civil Marriage

1641 Definition of the Immaculate Conception of the B. V. M.

1642 ff. Rationalism and Indifferentism

1649 ff. False Traditionalism (against Augustine Bonnetty)

1653 f. The Misuse of Magnetism

1655 ff. The False Doctrine of Anton Guenther

1659 ff. Errors of the Ontologists

1666 ff. The False Freedom of Science (against James Frohschammer)

1677 f. Indifferentism

1679 ff. The Conventions of the Theologians of Germany

1685 ff. The Unity of the Church

1688 ff. Naturalism, Communism, Socialism

1700 ff. “Syllabus,” or Collection of Modern Errors


  1. Index of the Acts of Pius IX, from which the Syllabus is excerpted
  2. Syllabus

1701 ff. Sec. I. Pantheism, Naturalism, and Absolute Rationalism

1708 ff. Sec. II. Modified Rationalism

1715 ff. Sec. III. Indifferentism, Latitudinarianism

1718a Sec. IV. Socialism, Communism, Secret Societies, Biblical Societies, Clerico-liberal Societies

1719 ff. Sec. V. Errors Concerning the Church and Its Rights

1739 ff. Sec. VI. Errors Concerning Civil Society, Viewed Both in Themselves and in Their Relations to the Church

1756 ff. Sec. VII. Errors Concerning Natural and Christian Ethics

1765 ff. Sec. VIII. Errors Concerning Christian Marriage

1775 ff. Sec. IX. Errors Concerning the Civil Power of the Roman Pontiff

1777 fl. Sec. X. Errors Thich Are Related to Modern Liberalism



(Ecumenical XX)

1781 Dogmatic Constitution concerning the Catholic Faith (Session III)

1782 ff. Chap. I. God, Creator of All Things

1785 ff. Chap. 2. Revelation

1789 ff. Chap. 3. Faith

1795 ff Chap. 4. Faith and Reason

1801 ff. Canons (of the Catholic Faith)

1801 ff. I. God the Creator of All Things

1806 ff. 2. Revelation

1810 ff. 3. Faith

1816 ff. 4. Faith and Reason

1821 Dogmatic Constitution I on the Church of Christ (Session IV)

1822 ff. Chap. 1. The Institution of Apostolic Primacy In Blessed Peter

1824 f. Chap. 2. The Perpetuity of the Primacy of Blessed Peter among the Roman Pontiffs

1826 ff. Chap. 3. The Power and Manner of the Primacy of the Roman Pontiff

1832 ff. Chap. 4. The Infallible “Magisterium” of the Roman Pontiff

1841 Twofold Power on Earth

1842 The Liberty of the Church

1843 ff. Explanation of Transubstantiation

1847 Royal Assent


LEO XIII, 1878-1903

1848 The Reception of Converted Heretics

1849 ff. Socialism

1853 f. Christian Marriage

1855 ff. The Political Principality

1859 ff. Secret Societies

1862 Assistance of a Physician or of a Confessor at a Duel

1863 f. Cremation of Corpses

1865 Civil Divorce

1866 ff. The Christian Constitution of States

1889 ff. Craniotomy and Abortion

1891 ff. Errors of Antonius de Rosmini-Serbati

1931 ff. Bounds of Liberty, and Human Action

1936a f. Love for Church and Fatherland

1936c The Apostolate of the Laity

1937 f. The Material of the Eucharist (Wine)

1938a ff. The Right of Private Property, Just Reward for Labor, and the Right of Entering Private Unions

1939 f. The Duel

1940a The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of Graces

1941 ff. The Study of Holy Scripture

1954 ff. The Unity of the Church

1963 ff. Anglican Orders

1966 The Faith and Intention Required for Baptism

1967 ff. Americanism

1977 The Matter of Baptism

1978 The Use of the Most Blessed Eucharist


PIUS X, 1903-1914

1978a The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of Graces

1979 “Implicit Citations” in Holy Scripture

1980 The Historical Nature of Holy Scripture

1981 ff. The Daily Partaking of the Most Holy Eucharist

1991 ff. The Tridentine Law of Clandestinity

1995 The Separation of Church and State

1996 The Shortest Form of Extreme Unction

1997 ff. The Mosaic Authenticity of the Pentateuch

2001 ff. The Errors of Modernists, on the Church, Revelation, Christ, the Sacraments

2066 ff. Betrothal and Marriage

2071 ff. The False Doctrines of the Modernists

2110 ff. The Author and Historical Truth of the Fourth Gospel

2113 f. The Authority of the Decisions of the Biblical Commission

2115 ff. The Nature and Authorship of the Book of Isaias

2120 The Relationship between Philosophy and Theology

2121 ff. The Historical Character of the Earlier Chapters of Genesis

2129 ff. The Authors and the Time of the Composition of the Psalms

2137 ff. The Age for Admitting to First Eucharistic Communion

2145 ff. The Oath Against the Errors of Modernism

2147a. Certain Errors of the Orientals

2148 ff. The Author, the Time of Composition, and Historical Truth of the Gospel According to Matthew

2155 ff. The Author, Time of Composition, and Historical Truth of the Gospels According to Mark and Luke .

2164 f. The Synoptic Question or the Mutual Relations between the Three Earlier Gospels

2166 ft. The Author, Time of Composition, Historical Veracity of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles

2172 ff. The Author, Integrity, and Time of Composition of the Pastoral Letters of Paul the Apostle

2176 ff. The Author and Method of Composition of the Epistle to the Hebrews


BENEDICT XV, 1914-1922

2179 ff. Parousia, or the Second Advent of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Epistles of St. Paul the Apostle

2181a. On Dying and Dead Schismatics

2182 Spiritism

2183 ff. Certain Propositions on Knowledge of the Soul of Christ

2186 ff. The Inerrancy of Holy Scripture

2189 The Doctrines of Theosophy


PIUS XI, 1922-1939

2190 The Relation Between Church and State

2191 ff. The Law and Method of Following the Doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas

2193 The Revival of Merits and Gifts

2194 ff. The Kingship of Christ

2197 Laicism

2198 The Johannine Comma

2199 Meetings to Procure the Unity of All Christians

2200 ff. The Connection of the Sacred Liturgy with the Church

2201 Masturbation Procured Directly

2202 ff. The Christian Education of Youth

2225 ff. Christian Marriage

2239 ff. The Abuse of Matrimony

2242 f The Killing of the Foetus

2245 f. The Right to Marriage, and Sterilization

2247 f. The Emancipation of Women

2249 f Divorces

2251 f. “Sexual Education” and “Eugenics”

2253 The Authority of the Church in Social and Economic Affairs

2254 ff. The Ownership or Right of Property

2259 f. Capital and Labor

2261 ff. The Just Wage or Salary of Labor

2266 ff. The Right Social Order

2270 Socialism

2271 The Universal Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2272 f. The False Interpretation of Two Biblical Texts

2274 The Need and the Office of the Priesthood

2275 The Effects of the Order of the Priesthood

2276 The Divine Office, the Public Prayer of the Church

2277 Social Justice

2278 Resistance Against the Abuse of Power


PIUS XII, 1939­

2279 The Natural Law

2280 The Natural Unity of the Human Race

2281 f. International Law

2283 Sterilization

2285 The Corporal Origin of Man

2286 Members of the Church

2287 The Jurisdiction of Bishops

2288 The Holy Spirit as the Soul of the Church

2289 Knowledge of the Soul of Christ

2290 The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Souls

2291 The Relationship between the B.V.M. and the Church

2292 The Authenticity of the Vulgate

2293 The Literal and Mystical Sense of Holy Scripture

2294 Kinds of Literature in Holy Scripture

2295 The Purposes of Matrimony

2296 Millenarianism (Chiliasm)

2297 The Presence of Christ in the Mysteries of the Church

2298 The Full Notion of Liturgy

2299 The Relationship Between the Ascetic Life and the Piety of the Liturgy

2300 The Participation of the Faithful in the Priesthood of Christ

2301 The Material and Form of the Sacrament of Orders

2302 The Time of the Documents of the Pentateuch, and the Literary Genre of the Eleven First Chapters of Genesis

2303 Artificial Fertilization

2304 The Intention to be Possessed in Baptism

2305 ff. Some False Opinions that Threaten to Undermine the Foundations of Catholic Doctrine

2331 The Definition of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


5000 f. The Primacy of the Roman Pontiff (St. Boniface I, 4I8-422)

5002 f. The Incarnation (St. Sixtus III, 432-440)

5004 The Object and Force of Rememorative Liturgical Action (Urban IV, 1261-1264)

5005 Gravity of Matter in Actions of Impurity (Alexander VII, 1655-1667)

5006 Matrimony as a Contract and a Sacrament (INNOCENT XII, 1691-1700)


editor’s additions

John XXIII (1958-1963) – The Importance of Latin

Paul VI (1963-1978) – Contraception & Birth Control