St. Robert Bellarmine’s Disputations about Controversies of the Christian Faith

Volume One

First General Controversy: On the Word of God, Written and Unwritten In Four Books

The Latin Version is Found Here

Book One: On the Sacred and Apocryphal Books.

Chapter One: Is Scripture the Word of God?

Chapter Two: In the Books called Canonical the Word of God is Contained

Chapter Three: The Objection from the Words of St. Paul is Refuted, that the Letter kills and the Spirit gives Life.

Chapter Four: Which are the Sacred Books

Chapter Five: About the Heretics who Opposed the books of the Old Testament of the First Order

Chapter Six: On the Heretics who Attack the Books of the New Testament Enumerated Above

Chapter Seven: On the Book of Esther

Chapter Eight: On the Book of Baruch

Chapter Nine: On Certain Chapters in Daniel

Chapter Ten: On the Books of Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, and Maccabees

Chapter Eleven: On the Book of Tobit

Chapter Twelve: On the Book of Judith

Chapter Thirteen: On the Book of Wisdom

Chapter Fourteen: On Ecclesiasticus

Chapter Fifteen: On the Books of the Maccabees

Chapter Sixteen: On Certain Parts of the Books of Mark, Luke, and John

Chapter Seventeen: On the Epistle to the Hebrews

Chapter Eighteen: On the Epistles of James, of Jude, of Second Peter, of Second and Third John

Chapter Nineteen: On the Apocalypse

Chapter Twenty: On the Apocryphal Books


Book Two: On the Hebrew, Chaldee, Greek and Latin Vulgate Editions.

Chapter One: It is Shown that the Hebrew Edition of Moses and the Prophets has never Perished

Chapter Two: Whether the Hebrew Edi ion has been Corrupted

Chapter Three: On the Chaldee Edition

Chapter Four: On the Syriac Edition

Chapter Five: On the Various Greek Editions

Chapter Six: On the Septuagint

Chapter Seven: On the Greek Edition of the New Testament

Chapter Eight: On the Latin Editions

Chapter Nine: On the Author of the Vulgate Edition

Chapter Ten: On the Authority of the Latin Vulgate Edition

Chapter Eleven: The Objections of the Heretics against the Vulgate Edition are Solved

Chapter Twelve: The Places are Defended that Chemnitz says are Distorted in the Vulgate

Chapter Thirteen: The Places in the Psalms are Defended that Calvin Contends were Badly Translated by the Latin Translator

Chapter Fourteen: The Places are Defended that the Heretics say are Corrupt in the Latin Edition of the New Testament

Chapter Fifteen: On Vernacular Editions

Chapter Sixteen: The Objections of the Heretics are Solved


Book Three: On the Interpretation of the Word of God.

Chapter One: Scripture is not so per se Open that it Suffices without Explanation for the Settling of Controversies of the Faith

Chapter Two: The Objections of the Adversaries are Solved

Chapter Three: A Question is Posed about the Judge of Controversies, and Discussion is given at the same time about the Senses of the Scriptures

Chapter Four: Testimonies are Adduced from the Old Testament for the Opinion of Catholics

Chapter Five: The Same is Proved from the New Testament

Chapter Six: The Same is Proved from the Custom of the Church

Chapter Seven: the Same is proved by the Testimonies of Pontiffs and Emperors

Chapter Eight: the Same is Proved by the Testimony of the Fathers

Chapter Nine: the Same is Proved by Reason

Chapter Ten: the Objections are Solved


Book Four: On the Unwritten Word of God.

Chapter One: Those who have most of all Defended or Attacked Unwritten Traditions

Chapter Two: What and How Multiple Tradition is

Chapter Three: the State of the Question is Explained, and certain Falsehoods of the Adversaries are Uncovered

Chapter Four: the Necessity for Traditions is Shown

Chapter Five: That there are True Traditions is Demonstrated from the Scriptures

Chapter Six: The Same is Shown by the Testimonies of the Pontiffs and the Councils

Chapter Seven: The Same is Proved from the Fathers

Chapter Eight: The Same is Proved by Four Other Arguments

Chapter Nine: Five Rules are Explained by which we Come to Knowledge of True Traditions

Chapter Ten: The Objections of the Adversaries Taken from the Scriptures are Solved

Chapter Eleven: The Objections from the Fathers are Solved

Chapter Twelve: The Reasonings of the Adversaries are Solved



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